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The user declares to know and accept that: the information on this site are provided by MyStolenWatch after the insertion that comes from a variety of sources (individuals, authorities, companies, and more).

MyStolenWatch is not, and can not be considered any effect, source of the information it publishes, but simple publishing tool of the same. MyStolenWatch has not journalistic purpose and is not subject to the legislation inherent in such mass media. Subjects who provide information published by MyStolenWatch must issue credible credentials to evaluate their credibility.

In the presence of credentials previously requested, MyStolenWatch’s power of control is reduced to a formal regularity check, without being able to enter the merit. It is not MyStolenWatch’s duty to carry out any kind of investigation into the facts referred to by the sources (in relation to which the site will have no power), nor to certify or prove what is indicated by the sources themselves.

The information are reported as it has been referred and as far as possible the source will be summed up, even by category. Publishing on the site does not constitute evidence under the law nor does it imply any assumption of responsibility for MyStolenWatch in relation to the truthfulness, correctness, completeness and updating of the information, in whole or in part, and of any related, pertinent, prior or consequential, so that anyone who accesses the site for informational or other purposes, no exclusion, and anyone who accesses it to publish his or her information on criminal watches, may never claim any right to compensation from MyStolenWatch or its collaborators, assistants, operators of computer facilities, or merely employees, for no title or cause. In that sense, the exclusion operates for any and all types of direct or indirect damage, and therefore for capital gains, including emerging and lucrative and non-pecuniary gains in each component.

MyStolenWatch with the management of the online publishing service expressly excludes any implied or express warranty, and hence any assumption of contractual or non-contractual liability, both in terms of truthfulness and for correctness, completeness, comprehensiveness and updating, both in whole or in part, of the information itself and of any circumstance inherent, related, pertinent, antecedent or consequential. In particular, MyStolenWatch confirm that its database, although subject to constant improvement, expansion and upgrading, has and will never be exhaustive, so unlawful objects that are not registered in their system will remain intact.

Whoever uses the site must always abide by the common sense criteria and take on all responsibility for the information received from it, both in the positive sense, where the research reveals that the subject under investigation is of criminal origin, both in the case negative, where the search for whatever reason do not emerge any data. In no case shall MyStolenWatch, nor the company that owns it, or its co-workers or employees, be liable for damages of any kind, including in respect of access, use, performance, and any other technological aspect of the site, browsing or linking to other sites, from the site of MyStolenWatch, as well as hackers or malware attacks to which it may be exposed. MyStolenWatch also disclaims any liability for any system malfunctions, delays in registration and publication of the information or their updating, as well as for emerging damages or for the loss of profits that may result, as well as for loss of information.

The user is therefore responsible for the use of the site and the management of its service, taking himself any consequence in civil and/or criminal terms with total exclusion, warranties and damages of MyStolenWatch, the company and any co-worker, employee, assistant and auxiliary, even in relation to damage to third parties.

By any dispute, by accessing the site, even of mere fact, and even with the consent of the general conditions of use of resulting from the “tick” on the relevant box online, the user declares to establish the Italian jurisdiction Exclusively and indisputable, and consequently to establish the exclusive and indefinable jurisdiction of the Tribunale di Imperia (IM), and subject to Italian law as the only law applicable to any relationship, right, situation or circumstance related to access and use Of the site, and the consequences that may result from it. In this sense, the acceptance of exclusive jurisdiction and competence, and of the Italian law, take place on a contractual basis also by way of derogation from any other jurisdiction, competence or regulatory system that would otherwise be applicable to the circumstances of the case under national law , International conventions or rules of private international law.

The user that provides information for the publication on the website MyStolenWatch is required to provide truthful and detailed information, and to publish in good faith, seriousness and fairness and without prejudice to the rights of third parties. Any non-veritable publication, either in bad faith or deliberately artifacts, will expose its author to the consequences of the law in terms of liability for damages to third parties as well as to MyStolenWatch and the company that owns it. At the same time, anyone who practices disturbance, spamming, activities to prevent the normal performance of the service offered by MyStolenWatch will be subject to the resulting legal liability.

MyStolenWatch, and the company that owns it, reserve at its sole discretion the removal, correction or suspension of all ads related to the site, without the need for a just cause and purely potestative, without that this can derive any responsibility for those who have posted information or for third parties.